Truth be told before I enter into a contract with a client, I start with a discovery call. When I make these calls, I leave my partner Matt out of it. He is invited to join the process later. 

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s best if Matt hears the client’s elevator pitch straight from the horse’s mouth. Remember that game telephone? Something gets lost in the translation if I pass along the story myself. We both need to hear the passion of our clients as they relay their own unique messages. We listen for the specific words and phrases, note what parts of the story excite them, and learn how their team lives out its mission every day. So, after having an initial intel conversation, I invite Matt in to hear and understand the story directly from the client so that he can craft a way to share it and bring new light to it. Like magic, he comes up with several engaging and thought-provoking questions that our prospective client has probably never even thought about—Matt’s great off-the-cuff. 

Over and over again, we find that it’s best if he comes into the meeting without too much background knowledge, so I don’t encourage him to do much research beforehand. His process is different. He asks compelling questions, hears the answers, and shares what comes to mind—that’s key when it comes to running a narrating agency that can create a compelling story for its audience.

We were prepping for a meeting a while back, and I casually stated that a same-day edit would be cool. That’s when you shoot live video at an event, edit it, add a soundtrack cut to the beat, and show it immediately—right then and there. It’s pretty crazy and a really cool way to add tons of energy and vibrancy to an event—making it completely unforgettable.

Matt says, “A same-day edit? Hmmm, what do you mean? How does that work?”  (Fast-forward to said meeting).

We get together with the client to discuss potential options–and what does Matt do? He takes over, “borrows” my brilliant idea, and gallantly announces, “we can do a same-day edit for you!” 

He exudes such confidence. 


He dropped the bomb, stole the scene, and left the room. 

Mic drop. 

The client bought in. The meeting was over, and I was left speechless. 

On the day of the event–a fashion show fundraiser–I was filming, editing, and crunching to complete everything within three minutes of show time. Any of you who have experience running a fundraiser understands the pressure of having it come off without a hitch. Our team was running on pure adrenaline thanks to the stress of running a non-profit video production company in northern New Jersey–but we did it! We delivered the video LIVE right on time. And the audience–and our client–loved it! 

This process takes a lot of effort and is a big lift on our end, but we’ve gotten very good at it. When we pull it off, and it’s done right, there’s nothing else like it. It’s amazing to see the reaction of the audience and the individuals who appear on screen as they watch themselves—it’s almost surreal. Same-day edits create a totally immersive experience, and they are truly showstoppers.

Live video also allows us to pull aside key players of an organization for brief yet compelling interviews. Think: VIPs, board members, and significant donors—we can prime them beforehand to get the right message and the greatest emotional ROI from their words. In turn, your key players enjoy a more pleasant interview experience that relieves them from the anxiety of speaking in front of a live audience. That’s what you get when you collaborate with Beard and Bowler. Our agency specializes in storytelling. We ask the right questions, edit the footage, synch it to music, and add the call to action. A same-day video shoot also provides valuable footage for following up with your guests or promoting next year’s event. It’s another touchpoint–and it’s clutch. 

Live video at your event produces those unforgettable moments when you can hear a pin drop. Call us to help you take your event to the next level.


Blog by Jason Ellinger (with a little flavor from Kwami Ngaojia)

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