When you work with Beard and Bowler as your video storytelling agency, you’ll soon discover that your unique story is our primary focus. We are passionate about spotlighting your organization or corporation in a meaningful way. That’s why so many non-profits (and corporations) hire us to tell their story and deliver their heartfelt narrative with compelling video production. 

How do we do that? We specialize in creating videos our clients use for their social media and email marketing campaigns. They can also reside on your website’s “blog” or “news” page. 

We can capture the attention of your audience with: 

  1. The production of a compelling pre-recorded video for your fundraising event 
  2. Compiling a pre-recorded single reel featuring a client or donor telling their story
  3. Live video coverage and same-day edit of your event that can be sent out the next day to engage your audience in footage that they can’t resist watching 

Let’s face it. The pandemic changed the way we managed events. We morphed into virtual events and recorded footage. Although we are all thrilled to be face-to-face again, over the past couple of years, we have learned there is great value in pre-recording testimonials for events. 

This is why:

You may have heard of the phrase, “life unscripted.” Dynamic, organic, unrehearsed speeches can be very compelling. Some people are just good at public speaking. However, most speakers at charitable events are amateurs. They are not professional Toastmasters. They may be nervous and may not be very savvy in the “ask.” “Unscripted” may not be the best method for them.

Our pre-recorded video services provide the support your subject needs—directly from our production and editing crew. Sure, some of their footage will wind up on the cutting room floor, BUT the end product will be a concise, compelling, and heartfelt testimony that will leave a resonating impact on your audience. It will project an authentic “ask” from an individual who is at ease in their own unique setting—which lends itself to a more thought-provoking, compelling story. 

The experienced team of video journalists at Beard and Bowler knows how to make your subjects comfortable by crafting the right questions for them to answer. This is what keeps your audience spellbound. We do this by speaking with your subjects beforehand so that we can interpret and bring to light the excitement of their successes along with the challenges of their critical pain points. It allows us to shape the interview into an interactive conversation that delivers a compelling and meaningful message with passion and purpose. It’s a win-win because the subjects we have worked with have been thrilled with the final film production. (Not to mention less self-conscious and more relaxed). Think about the benefits of this. Maybe it won’t be so difficult to get volunteers to offer to speak about their role in your organization. People enjoy being in front of the camera when they are assured they’ll look good!

Another amazing option is to video your event LIVE, where we can create: 

  1. A “hush” video. Nothing quiets an audience down or grabs the audience more intently than seeing almost live footage of themselves at the event that was shot only a few minutes ago. Out-of-body experience? Not really. Attention-grabbing? Yep. 
  2. A SIZZLE reel. This replays those “that-was-so-cool” moments to your audience the following day–when their emotions are fresh, and the message is still resonating. A sizzle reel will reinforce the most memorable moments of the evening for your supporters who attended the event and provide a gentle nudge of regret for those who missed it.

    It also provides an additional opportunity for a charitable donation post-party. Sometimes guests get so caught up in the fun that they forget to pull out their checkbooks (Oh. That sounds so dated. Let’s stick with credit cards and Venmo). And, why not remind those who chose to stay home in front of Netflix to send in a donation as well?

    Live footage also gives you a huge jumpstart for promoting your event next year. Use it to “save the dates” and to build anticipation for the next fundraiser. 

Video production elevates your event to the next, memorable level and defines your organization as vibrant and forward-thinking. Everyone has a cause—or a product—to sell and a story to tell, but you need to tell it to sell itCall us for a consultation today.



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