Same day edits are used for a variety of reasons to add a “WOW” factor to your media production extravaganza. There’s many reasons that someone might desire a same day edit, and different types of same day edits as well. As a creative video agency that specializes in event video production, we’d love to help guide you through these unique videography opportunities to explore for your future events.

WHO Needs a Same Day Edit?

Anyone who wants to take their promotional video production or events to the next level is someone who needs a same day edit. A same day edit essentially creates an engaging “product” from your event that tells your story in a unique and compelling way. These videos allow for everyone to be a star in the show. I mean, who doesn’t like a good glamor shot? Am I right? If you’re looking to level up your event planning game, strongly consider same day edits.


Perhaps we should have listed this one first. Then again, no one ever says what, who, why and how. It just sounds weird. But, in case you were sitting there still scratching your head, this one’s for you. The most common types of same day edits are referred to as “sizzle” and “hush.”

Maybe it is called a sizzle because it’ll make your brain sizzle with questions afterwards. Or perhaps it’s because it’s fire, it’s hot, so to speak. A sizzle is sent out anywhere from 1 day to a week after an event and acts as a natural follow up. It’s a “here’s what you missed” or “remember how epic this was” kind of vibe. It’s something that will keep people talking about the event for weeks to come.

A hush, on the other hand, is a video that’s shown during an event to wrangle a crowd. It gets everyone quiet to prepare them for a speaker, an announcement, or a special aspect of the event. A hush video might be played about 45 minutes into an event and shows actual footage of people there. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of set up that goes into the production side of a hush.

But there’s one thing we know for sure. In order to get people’s attention, focus everything back on them. When people start seeing footage of themselves, they suddenly become mesmerized. Perhaps they are captivated by their five minutes of fame. Or perhaps they are anxiously holding their breaths hoping that everything about them looks just right. Whatever they are thinking, you can bet they’ll be paying attention.

What to Expect When You’re Ready to Scale Up Your Video Production Services

The question of why goes back to the answer of who. If you want to stand out from the crowd and generate buzz worthy of envy and hype, you’ll want to consider a same day edit for your professional video production.

Another reason people opt for same day edits is to have the convenience of getting something done. Without a same day edit, it can sometimes take longer to come up with footage from your event. Leaving people in the lurch is a quick way to let the excitement from your event fizzle out. Regardless of the reasons, people are distracted and busy! Make it easy for them to remember your company, your products, and your cause by getting up front and center.

HOW Are These Magical Same Day Edits Accomplished?!

You’re probably wondering how a videography company can pull all of this magic off. Well, it’s a bit of unicorn dust. No, really, it’s the secret sauce that keeps us in business. The point is, it’s not for you to understand. What is important for you to understand is how same day edits will change your event.

Same day edits are an invaluable touch point that locks in peoples’ attention and keeps the conversation about YOU going. It’s a way to go from FAB to FABULOUS. You guys, same day edits are a BIG deal.

Beard and Bowler – Your Same Day Edit Production Agency Experts

Same day edits are a lot of work, and they’re also a lot of fun. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of racing through an event and making sure that every little detail of the professional video production is on point. And, of course, there are so many more variables in a live event than there are for our other marketing video services, which always keeps things interesting.

We’ve been doing this for a while, and would love to help point you in the right direction as you consider what promotional videos you might need. We specialize in nonprofit video storytelling services, corporate videography and event video production, to name a few.  We’re going to keep bringing the goods so stay tuned for more.  And if you’re ready to bring it up a notch to drive engagement and revenue through the power of video storytelling, hit us up on our Contact Page.

Blog by Jason Ellinger (with a little flavor from Kwami Ngaojia)

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