I’ve seen loads of people talk about anticipated marketing trends in 2023.  Here are my top predictions for VIDEO trends this year (& how B&B is going to use them) 


YouTube Shorts are blazing a trail in the video world. With explosive growth of 700% over the last six months, it’s no surprise that this new feature is quickly becoming the go-to destination for creators to reach their viewership. Not only is it an easy way to post content, but YouTube Shorts also boasts one of the highest engagement rates around, making it a win-win for creators & viewers alike. Not to mention, it’s the second most utilized search engine in the world. Only Google, who also owns YouTube, surpasses it.

With the videos being a maximum of 60 seconds, it not only gives creators a new way to get the messages in their videos across in a more concise way, but it also forces them to do so in a more creative way. With its unique features such as music integration & special effects, it offers a truly unique viewing experience that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Youtube’s algorithm is a little different than some other social media platforms. While other platforms focus more on quick & new content (*coughs* Instagram *coughs* TikTok *coughs*) Youtube directs its attention to viewership. Meaning if someone watches one of your shorts from beginning to end, YouTube takes a note of that & will then feed that viewer more of your shorts.

There’s no need to stress about going viral or being controversial to get views. YouTube’s algorithm will do most of the work for you, all you have to do is play the game. Don’t believe me? We started our YouTube Shorts campaign at the turn of the new year – we’re now in February & results don’t lie…

From YouTube Shorts ONLY, we’ve had growth of 342% of the views we’ve had prior

to the campaign, a 13% increase in subscribers, 181% engagement

& nearly 22 hours of watch time.

Think about that people have been watching our content for TWENTY-TWO HOURS since we launched a short time ago. That’s crazy to me!  This doesn’t count the long-form content that we work tirelessly on but that engagement from the shorter-form content definitely gives it a boost!  Seriously, YouTube Shorts has become a powerful force in 2023 video trends – don’t get left behind!


Vertical Video is the new kid on the block in 2023 video trends, & it’s here to stay!  As a commercial filmmaker, I’ve struggled with this concept a lot.  Your eyes are wide, so I believe content is meant to be viewed that way.  The long-form professional videos we shoot for our video retainer clients are ALL shot in widescreen & then edited in post-production for various social media platforms  (which we can pull off since we shoot in 4K resolution).  That being said, I’d rather have everyone watch our content the “wrong way” than “no way at all” so I’ve since embraced the new trend (of being too lazy to turn the phone… ha!).  

Vertical videos are seen as more engaging, with views increasing by up to 25%. Plus, since they’re designed for mobile devices, you can watch anywhere, anytime. Let’s keep it real, who doesn’t have their phone on them 24/7.  I’d leave the house barefoot & forget to put my shoes on before I’d forget my phone. Our devices have almost become an extra limb; always attached to us. We can have access to the internet & YouTube every minute of the day, even when we’re not supposed to… like in the middle of class, at a work meeting, or during dinner with family. 

Vertical videos are always one scroll, swipe or fingertip away. And what’s even more impressive? The fact is that vertical videos have been proven to have higher watch time than horizontal videos. With over 40% of viewers watching a full vertical video till the end, this format has become an essential tool for creating content that stands out from the competition. So get ready – Vertical Videos are here to stay!


Niching down your Target Audience (TA) could be one of the hottest trends in 2023 video content. By focusing on a specific target audience, you can really hone in on the content that resonates most with them & create videos tailored to a micro-target’s needs. Being specific about not only who the video is for but also what service you provide can help you massively in getting more potential clients or at least good connections in the field that you’re targeting.

This approach also gives you an edge when reaching out to prospects as they are more likely to be drawn to content that speaks directly to an issue they care about. So don’t be afraid to narrow it down – by niching down your TA, you’ll have a greater chance of finding success in the ever-expanding world of video content!


The video production industry is constantly evolving, & keeping up with the latest trends is essential for success. In 2023, three of the top trends that we’re seeing & recommending to implement in video production are YouTube Shorts, vertical video, & really niching down your Target Audience.

By staying up to date on these trends, you can ensure that your video production efforts will be successful in 2023 & beyond.  And if any of this seems tricky, feel free to hit us up on the contact page… Beard & Bowler is here to help!

Blog by Jason Ellinger (with a little flavor from Kwami Ngaojia)
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