You know how you’re told to picture your audience naked when you’re nervous on stage? Yeah…well, it doesn’t work well the other way around. As a video marketing company, we understand how the presentation is just as important as the message. So, while you might have a great story to tell, you’ll probably lose your audience if they’re picturing you naked (or maybe not, who knows

Okay, we know you probably won’t be naked when you make your video. But what we mean to say is that you might as well be if your video production  is distracting enough to lose the engagement of your audience. 

So, whether you’re shooting an event video production, such as a gala, corporate videography, or just find yourself in front of (or behind) a camera, consider these eight tips for improving your delivery.

Quality Video Production Requires Quiet Space

You’ll want to find a quiet space to work away from distractions like kids, pets, & loud noises in the background. If you’ve followed any of our videos, you’re probably imagining me eating my words right about now as my toddler has made his fair share of appearances in a video or two…

But seriously, bad audio is harder for our ears to tolerate than it is for our eyes to adjust to poor video quality.

Make sure to check for vents, ACs & heating units, & don’t forget to silence those cell phones! You can also reduce echo in a room without carpet by adding towels or blankets to the floor as a cheap hack & replacement for professional sound blankets. And hey, a cheap rug might be just as practical (and more aesthetically pleasing).

Professional Video Production Requires a Professional Position

Sit down… relax…take a load off. No, really. Don’t make your viewer dizzy by making them follow you around while on camera. By sitting down in a comfortable position, you naturally create a space where conversation can flow easily.

Distractions are your worst enemy. So try & minimize them as much as possible by creating a calm & relatively still environment.

Camera Angles Are Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy

Ok…flashback moment. Were you on social during the Myspace era? Early FB promoted this as well – the importance of a good camera angle. There’s nothing like a good selfie. In order to accentuate yourself in the best light, shoot for aiming the camera at eye level or slightly above.

While shooting from below can convey a power pose, it also adds a ton of extra weight & is less than flattering.

So what were those ancient-of-days Myspace social secrets? Aim your camera slightly above eye level looking down for a slimming effect & tons of “likes.”

Any Videography Company Should Tell You the Importance of Headroom

While you don’t want to aim your camera so far down that you cut off part of your head in the video image, you also don’t want to have too much space above your head that will have you looking shorter than you probably are.

When considering headroom, you want to be able to control your negative space in a way that is visually appealing. Aim for roughly 1 inch of space above your head in the video shot & consider your whole frame, including your body from the belly button up. 

Make Your Next Promotional Video Production Using the Rule of Thirds

Symmetry! They say the most beautiful people are the ones who are symmetrical. It is true that our eyes are drawn to symmetry & you should strive for symmetry in your videos as much as possible.

If you’ve got a nifty iPhone, you should be able to go into the settings for your camera app to frame up your shot.

Try to stick to the “rule of thirds.” Aim to be in the middle or center of your shot/frame. Also, consider adding depth by manipulating your placement within the space. A blank wall is boring. Give your frame some context while keeping it simple.

In Lieu of Professional Video Services, Use Your Forward Facing Camera

Lights, camera, action! Capitalize on your best video marketing techniques by utilizing your forward facing camera, if at all possible. Your selfie-mode lens will simply not produce the high quality video results you are looking for.

Consider using a selfie stick or other assistive technology to help you shoot your video from this superior lens, or otherwise, ask a friend!

Watch Out For Windows!

Stop shooting with your back facing windows & bright lights! Just. Don’t. Do. It. A camera has an auto iris, just like the human eye. Except, unlike your human eye, the camera iris is stupid.

When there is too much light in the shot, your camera will overcompensate its ability to slightly close down & protect itself from this light. Instead, you will be left with images of mostly light & the human eye will be the most irritated of all.

Make Your Lighting Work For You

For the most flattering effects, use soft lighting & diffusions where needed for a smoother appearance.

You can add a softbox diffusion to your lighting set-up, or for a cheaper hack you can sit in front of a window (even better if that window has sheer curtains) so that the light hits your face. I’ve even seen people use shower curtains as an effective light diffusion as well.

No matter your strategy, avoid harsh shadows & aim for soft lights.

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We’ve spent over a decade figuring this stuff out, so you don’t have to. We specialize in nonprofit video storytelling services, corporate films & marketing video services.  We’re going to keep bringing the goods so stay tuned for more.  And if you want to level up your storytelling, so that your video actually drives engagement & revenue, hit us up on our Contact Page.

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