How Impactful Videos can Ignite Emotion & Inspire Action…The Fire Starter

In a world where we are so focused on digital content, video has become an essential part of our lives.

A great video has the power to create:

🗣 Conversations about positive changes in the world.

🙇‍♂️ A deeper understanding of a certain situation or experience.

🫂 Opportunities to unite micro-communities under a single cause.

So why wouldn’t you use this powerful tool to its fullest potential? Let’s look at how video can be used to ignite a fire  & make an impact on the world, & on your organization’s mission, specifically. 


A high-quality video with a well-crafted story (using the 7 elements of story, of course) can be so much more engaging than the “standard practices” people typically lean on, i.e. interviewing board members or portraying themselves as the heroes instead of positioning the people in the communities that they’re serving as the heroes. When you convey your message in a more evocative manner, people are able to connect with not only the visuals but the story behind the video. When combined with a compelling soundtrack, that story creates an emotional connection within your audience that text-based content simply can’t achieve.

Since it is more consumable & shareable, video content also has a higher chance of going “viral”. Furthermore, videos will help boost SEO rankings since Google rewards pages that contain multimedia content, like photos & videos, versus pages with just words. Now combine that with YouTube being the second most popular search engine in the world & you’ve got the ultimate opportunity for getting more eyes on your content & thus your organization.


When creating videos for your brand or non-profit organization, it is important to focus on quality over quantity BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t have both (more on this later).  Make sure that each video you produce serves a purpose & has information that resonates with your target audience & helps them better understand your brand & mission.  Additionally, keep your videos short & concise – most users prefer watching shorter videos (in the three-minute range) as opposed to longer ones (five minutes or more).

Keep in mind that if you want your video to have that shareability factor, it needs to be Entertaining, Engaging, or Educational. Video is increasingly becoming a powerful platform for businesses & organizations to leverage it by creating content that informs, engages, or entertains their target audience. Not only can video reach large numbers of people—including those who may not have access to traditional educational resources —but it can also be used to break down complex topics into digestible pieces. Furthermore, when produced with an authentic touch & relevant insights, it can help build trust & relationships between the organization/brand & the customers or people the organization serves. As the power of video continues to grow, organizations are discovering more ways to craft meaningful experiences that make an impact on their community. Impactful videos are intentional & have a clear purpose on what message it wants to relay to the audience, how it wishes to do so & what it wants the audience to do afterward. 

And guess what, you’ll get the best results if your videos are ALL three. Success comes in threes. Look at LeBron, Wade & Bosh with the Miami Heat or Ronaldo, Bale & Benzema with Real Madrid, individually they were all great players in their respective sports but together they went on to be even more successful. With the Heat, both LeBron James & Chris Bosh won their first championship, Dwayne Wade’s second, & won another title the following year. Real Madrid became an even more iconic club when the front 3 of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, & Gareth Bale led them to ‘La Decima’ or ‘The Tenth’ UEFA Champions League (UCL) Title. A truly historic win as not only did they defeat their local rivals Atletico Madrid in the final, but they became the first, & only club thus far, to win 10 Champions League titles. They went on to win another three UCL titles together (from 2015-2018) & cemented their names as one of the all-time best & most lethal front-three attacks in European football history.

If sports aren’t your thing, let’s talk about the power of three in marketing. It is undeniable – could it be magic? After all, the rule of three states that by presenting a group of three elements together, you create something memorable & impactful. That’s why we often see cleverly crafted trios in advertising campaigns – take the classic “Just do it” Nike slogan, which consists of three simple words yet conveys a powerful message. Or how about the beauty brand, CoverGirl “easy, breezy, beautiful”. Three compelling qualities that make us take notice! It’s no wonder so many businesses use this technique when building their brand identity; after all, “three is the charm”! Having all three factors, Entertaining, Engaging & Educational will make your content miles more valuable & longer lasting.


When used correctly, videos have the power to spark meaningful conversations around social causes, movements or even products. They allow us to express our emotions through visuals paired with emotive soundtracks which can reach a wider audience than words alone could ever do. By sparking conversations through powerful visuals & stories, there is potential for real change in this world – whether it is bringing attention to pressing issues such as poverty or illuminating community activism within local neighborhoods.

The reach that video has is immeasurable. 

The video on our homepage is the PERFECT example. We produced 1 video for them & with that 1 video they broke their gala fundraising record. They used their video to connect to a group of celebrity chefs who were sooo touched by the video that they decided to start a brand new fundraising experience which is now a recurring event. With that SAME video, their director of development met with a family foundation that was also touched by the video & pledged $2 million over 2 years to them. 


When you partner with a high-quality video production agency like Beard & Bowler, you’ll not only be assisted in finding the right story but we also work within video production service retainers, where we will design a custom strategy with you that can produce a bank of content to take your audience on a journey that leads them to feel, engage, & support your organization’s mission all year long.

At the end of the day, never underestimate the power of a great video!  It may just be the kindling that you need for sparking conversations about positive change in this world or uniting communities under one cause – all within minutes!  When used correctly, it has an incredible potential for creating meaningful conversations around social issues & helping bring about real change in this world, – not to mention for your organization & constituents too.

So next time you search for a ‘Video Production company near me” or think about creating content for your business or organization – remember that great video content will always help ignite that fire you need 🔥

Blog by Jason Ellinger (with a little flavor from Kwami Ngaojia)

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