Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #24 – “Animation Day… We’re Cartoons!”

In this episode:

  • The Beard & Bowler Boys get a “driverless car”
  • Come see what Matt and Jason look like as animated characters
  • We meet IZB for the first time
  • The Boys introduce their animator and graphic designer, Michael Foster


If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.

We’re Cartoons?

[Begin animation]

Jason: What is up, guys? Beard and Bowler Productions. I feel kinda funny. You feel funny?

Matt: I feel fine. Maybe it’s because you look funny.

Jason: You know what, maybe I do.

[End animation]


Jason: What is up, guys? Beard and Bowler. Today is Animation Day.

Matt: But first, we gotta pick up Intern Zander.

Jason: Intern Zan. I don’t know, that sounds…

Matt: Intern Zan?

Jason: Zander, Intern Zander doesn’t flow.

Matt: No, well…

Jason: Intern Z? Intern zzz…

Matt: Intern Z sounds like he’s a villain, sounds like he’s a supervillain. Won’t it be confusing with, like, Intern Em?

Jason: Yeah, maybe just Zander.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like Z Dog or something would be…I don’t think we’re cool enough to pull that out on him.

Jason: What up, Z Dog?

Matt: What if we just gave him a number? “We’re here to pick up number three.” I don’t know if we can de-humanize our interns. We have YTG, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: What is an acronym for Intern Zander? IZB? Why don’t we call him IZB?

Jason: Oh, that’s right. Bell, his last name. IZB.

Matt: IZB.

Jason: Picking up IZB.

[Cut to IZB in the car]

Matt: Sup, dude.

Jason: IZB.

Matt: IZB. We just named you.

Zander: Oh.

Matt: That’s IZB. All right, gotta put the address in. Headed up to Michael.

Jason: So, we’ve arrived. It’s been a rainy day.

Jason: Zander.

Matt: All right. Let’s go meet Michael.

[Time lapse of the drive]

Meeting with Michael Foster of Foster Animation

Jason: What’s up guys? Beard…

Matt: With a pause.

Jason: …and Bowler.

Matt: You’re so corny.

Jason: Boop. Transition.

Matt: Boop. Your transition was better.

Jason: Yeah, it was just better.

Matt: My bad.

Jason: We are here in New York, upstate New York, with Foster Animation.

Matt: We came today because we are hanging out for the morning with our graphic designer and animator, the guy who does our storyboard. Basically, he makes us look good to our clients.

Jason: Yeah. So, Michael Foster has been with us since the beginning, since we launched on Facebook. And even have some really cool animations for us for what we did, manifesto…

Matt: Actually, the animation for the manifesto was his idea. He saw what we did and he’s like, “Hey guys, I can take that to the next level for you.” So, one of the reasons that we have a graphic animator that’s on-staff with us, and when I say “on-staff,” he’s basically working for peanuts right now. I’m hoping that we’ll make it so that we can pay an artist what an artist is worth. We are big believers in that, paying artists for what they’re worth.

One of the reasons it’s important for us to have a graphic animator is when we sit down with clients, we like to be able to take them a storyboard. But if it was something Jason or I created, it would be low-quality.

Jason: Yeah. It’s very important to have something high-quality that you can leave with them. So, we like print-outs, like big, cardboard print-outs that we can leave with the client to, kind of, leave an impression. And we’d rather have a nice poster board of not a stick figure.

Matt: Not a stick figure. We actually landed a client with a really solid storyboard just recently. And so, it makes a difference having quality people and being able to take quality stuff to meetings with you. Now, inside of that, Michael also is a logo designer. He did our skulls.

Jason: Skull guy.

Matt: Skull guy.

Jason: The little Batman and Robin transition you see at the beginning of every episode and at the end. Me and Zander were just talking about that yesterday. It’s, like, it should have its own little…

Matt: He actually did a sketch for us, and it was just something for fun, and he sent us a skull with a bowler on it. We both liked it so much that we were like, “That’s it.” And we just cut it and started using it. I think we caused you a little bit of pain in that because it wasn’t a Foster Animation finished product.

Michael: No it was not.

Matt: Let’s really to do a quick cut to his face. “Cue Michael.” So, he was like, “Guys, just let me finish it.” And we’re like, “Ah, but we like it.” So, maybe we’ll let him finish it in the near future.

Jason: Maybe.

Matt: Yeah? Maybe? Maybe not.

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: We wanna show you a little bit of the process that we get to enjoy because we love working with this guy. There’s a lot of animators out there but it’s hard to find good people that care about what you’re doing, and that also have just, kind of, a really unique talent. And we think we’ve found that with Foster Animation. Are you up for hire?

Michael: Oh yes.

Matt: He’s up for hire?

Michael: Yes, I am.

Matt: So, he’s up for hire, but don’t give him too much work because we need him.

Jason: We need him. Yes.

Matt: SEO Guy, don’t hire him. And Michael Foster. They’re really good, so let us have them. But if you need them, freelance work for Michael, he’s excellent, so we’ll link him below.

Jason: Link below.

Matt: And so it’s like “work Jason,” with a hammer, building up a company, I’ve done that once before. This is building Beard and Bowler, that’s story one.



[Matt and Jason showing how they setup the animation sequence in the car]

Matt: Are you ready?

Jason: Ready.

Matt: Do you want me to push? I kinda have crazy big legs and you come up and you just steer? You’d rather push. You gotta get in…