the movement

if you’ve found your way to this page, one of two things are true, you have either been nominated for potential initiation into our secret order or you are curious about what “the movement” might be.  for those who have been nominated, welcome.  you are one of the few, the unique, the extraordinary who have been selected to help us in our quest to change selfish culture.  the link for your membership application is below.

for those who are curious, the movement is the public social media presence of beard & bowler.  we are utilizing the full resources of our production company to create dynamic short-films (eg. hero pieces & manifestos) that propel cultural change.  we’re very serious about this, namely because we’ve seen things like chivalry, honor, & respect become almost nonexistent in our lifetime.

the secret order is an underground group (accessible via golden ticket nominations only) that is collectively shaping the message, the filming, & the work of the movement.  we are the story creators, the producers, the hands & feet of a massive culture shift that must take place.  we will be the difference.  we will die to self.

have you been nominated?