Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Episode 31 – “$15,000 contest & the client”

In this episode:

  • The Beard & Bowler Boys take us on one of their most important shoots ever
  • They tell us about the $15,000 contest


If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.

Mike Luzio and the NJBIA

Jason: Professional shoot day. [laughs]

Matt: What just happened? We both like Mondays. This is what it brings out of him.

Jason: When you hate your job, you hate Mondays. When you love your job, you love Mondays.

Matt: We’re gonna show you something we’re pretty excited about. It’s a big part of our story in general. This is a professional production shoot. So, we’re gonna show you what we do with clients, professional clients. These are bread-and-butter jobs. This is the client stuff versus the hero stuff. And so, we showed you some of what we did with backpacks. That’s a hero. We showed you some of what we’ve done with [inaudible 00:01:06]. That’s a hero. This is client work. This is work that we do right now to pay the bills. We wanna do exclusively heroes but in the meantime, until we get up there, and can financially pull that off. We like working with really good people with stuff that we’re excited about and that we can get behind.

Jason: We get to pick and choose…

Matt: We get to pick and choose.

Jason: …our clients.

Matt: Yeah.

Jason: And, the ones that are just, even the bread-and-butter ones are…

Matt: We only work with…

Jason: …very important to us.

Matt: That’s true for this client. There are actually two clients that are in this through the NJBIA. We’re pro-Jersey guys.

Jason: NJBIA is an organization in New Jersey, for New Jersey businesses that helps them out with various resources.

Matt: Yeah, it’s like the biggest one in Jersey, too, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: They have like 20,000 businesses or plus that are all part of this association.

Jason: They are huge.

Matt: They’re huge.

Jason: So, it’s a huge deal to get to work with them through, of course, our favorite client the DSM group.

Matt: DSM group. Any day we work with DSM, good day. So, explain a little bit about the team.

Jason: So, we like to roll deep with talent.

Matt: We like to roll deep?

Jason: We roll deep. What is that called? Hashtag?

Matt: I don’t know but I’m scared right now.

Jason: What do the children say nowadays? Squad. Hashtag squad goals.

Matt: Squad?

Jason: Our squad is deep. Yeah, that’s we’ve taken to the… We are a squad.

Matt: We’re not children though.

Jason: Squad.

Matt: We can’t pull that off.

Jason: That’s what the kids say on the YouTube.

Matt: So, when we roll in, we roll deep with our squad. We have two DPs. That’s directors of photography. I’ve learned all this stuff from this guy. Two different guys on camera and because we like to have a smaller team because we get better content from people, we have one of our DPs is on sound as well as filming. We have another DP that’s on lights, as well as filming. Now, that I’ve explained it, I’m gonna let him do a better job.

Jason: Eh, I’ve got nothing more to add.

Matt: What’s the importance of the edit bay? You’re really big about the edit bay.

Jason: I love efficiency.

Matt: You love the edit bay.

Jason: I love efficiency. So, basically, when we’re on set we have our computers, our machines on set.

Matt: [laughs] Business. Business. I got business.

Jason: I love efficiency. So, what I like to do is have our edit machines, our edit bays right on set there. So, we’re logging and we’ll even have somebody there to start doing a rough cut. So, we can see how it’s looking, day of, in all its glory in 4K beauty. There’s a lot of stuff, iPad Pro, two MacBook Pros and Bob. So, then we have Bob.

Matt: We have Bob.

Jason: Bob is a great DP.

Matt: Bob is mind blowing.

Jason: Okay. All right.

Matt: Yeah, beat that. I’m a oversell him.

Jason: I can’t. I was trying to think of a word…

Matt: He’s a workhorse.

Jason: …to upstage you. But, I couldn’t. Yeah.

Matt: He’s a workhorse. Yeah, don’t out-word me.

Jason: He did the whole day handheld.

Matt: Handheld. We even had one of our interns on set. IZB went with us on set. They loved IZB.

Jason: IZB was a hit. Not until we announced his nickname, though.

Mike: Hey Jason. What’s up? Mike Luzio.

Matt: Matt.

Mike: Matt. What’s up? Mike.

Zander: Zander.

Mike: Zander?

Zander: Yeah.

Mike: Nice name.

Jason: We call him IZB for short.

Mike: What do you call him?

Jason: IZB.

Mike: IZB.

Jason: Intern Zander Bell.

Matt: We love IZB.

Zander: Do you want me to put the [inaudible 00:04:08] segment for pacing?

Jason: Absolutely not.

Matt: IZB, put the section in. He’s gonna put it in. You watch it. They loved IZB.

Mike: IZB.

Jason: IZB.

Mike: How old are you man?

Zander: Nineteen.

Mike: Okay. I was gonna say. You look about 14 ½. IZB, you ready? IZB, you need a tan. I’m worried about what you think?

Zander: Yeah.

Mike: You think it sounds all right?

Zander: I think it sounds all right.

Mike: Because I’ve been thinking about you this whole morning.

Zander: It’s gonna have to be my professional name now, IZB.

Jason: IZB.

Matt: Are you walkie-talkie’ing me?

Jason: I am walkie-talkie’ing with you.

Matt: This is not a fort, Jason. We are working. This is work. What are you doing?

Jason: I’m about to zing this guy with the walkie again. Yes. Yes. Big things. Important things. [laughs]

Matt: Onset, Jason and I we both have different roles. You explain that.

Jason: Typically, I’d say you have a director, a producer, assistant director, all of these different roles. We work so well together that it’s a very smooth transition.

Matt: Yeah, if you couldn’t tell here. [laughs]

Jason: On set, it’s like…

Matt: On set, we’re like robotic. Yeah, it just kind of works.

Jason: Yeah.

Matt: Around and then it’s gonna cut to the front.

Jason: Okay.

Jason: Let’s coordinate our positions down here guy.

Man: So, he’s gonna pull into this slot here?

Jason: Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. We’ll try that and then we’ll have Solomon push, low like this, as he gets out of the car, you know. I direct and then he directs. And then, I’ll say, “Hey, you got this scene?” “Yeah. I’ll take over the scene.”

Matt: Yeah.

Jason: So, it’s kind of like producer AD, director, producer, and then we switch.

Matt: One more. Go.

[Apollo 11, this is Houston. You are a go for TOI. Over.]

Jason: [inaudible 00:06:06].

Matt: Dude, let’s set it up and do one more.

[Roger up.]

Jason: We’re near the end.


Matt: I’m assuming down this hall, yes?

Man: Our same shot.

Matt: We’re gonna film them walking past the room?

Jason: Yeah. Solomon, why don’t you get that shot?

Matt: Quiet on the set.

Jason: All right. Rolling audio. Camera.

Matt: Mind if I join you guys in here?

Man: No.

Jason: Action.


Jason: Rolling audio. Rolling camera. And, action.


Matt: I’m still rolling. All right. We’re gonna roll again.

Jason: Okay.

Matt: Let’s keep a low stature because the flow is really good guys. 3, 2, 1. Beautiful. Yeah. All right. Your seven-day shot.

Man: I’m in a meeting. I couldn’t believe it.


Jason: So, to wrap it all up, the day was awesome.

Matt: $15,000.

Jason: They’re giving away $15,000 to a New Jersey business.

Matt: New Jersey. But you gotta be part of the NJBIA. This is not sponsored by it, but they’re giving away $15,000.

Jason: Pretty cool contest.

Matt: I need $15,000.

Jason: We need… Can we enter the contest?

Matt: Can we enter the contest?

Jason: We cannot enter. Shout out to Derek and Rye who built the website. We’re gonna link it below, if you want to enter and you’re a New Jersey business, tag a New Jersey business.

Matt: Yeah. It is bigshotnj.com. $15,000. Get it. I’m going out this door.

Jason: What?

Matt: I’m leaving this way.

Jason: I gotta close… How irresponsible. Who close the other door? What the heck is he doing?

Matt: Can’t stop me.

Jason: Get back out. What? Get outta here.

Matt: Doing circles.


Mike: Hey, you and me the whole crew been hustling all day long. Who’s your bigshot? Hey, my man. Hey, don’t you have a partner?

Matt: That guy.

Mike: Nah, nah, nah, nah. Come in here. Come in here. Are you guys members of the NJBIA?

Together: No.

Mike: You’ve been listening to me all day talk to these people about the NJBIA. Why are you not involved? Get on it tomorrow. Got it? Tonight.

Matt: Bam.

Mike: You’re a member of the NJBIA?