Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #41 – “$600k in ONE night! (for Eva’s Village)”

In this episode:

  • Jason reveals that he wears pantsuits.
  • The boy play “dress up”…
  • …and go to a gala to raise money for Eva’s Village in Paterson.



Matt and Jason Play “Dress Up!”

Jason: What is up, guys? Beard and Matt. You may be noticing our fancy duds today.

Matt: Fancy, how fancy?

Jason: This guy especially. I patched my suit together. My pantsuit don’t fit anymore so I had to buy the photographer pants and my clip-on bowtie but…

Matt: I did not buy my suit. Somebody bought me this suit. Somebody felt bad for us and they said, “You don’t look like anyone should give you money,” so…

Jason: We need it.

Matt: We need it to we look like we could be trusted with money. Pantsuit, isn’t that more like a woman’s thing?

Jason: Not an actual pantsuit like…

Matt: You said, “my pantsuit doesn’t fit,” and that’s a woman’s suit.

Jason: My pants from my suit.

Matt: There you go, say that then.

Jason: I don’t mind, I’ll rock a pantsuit.

Matt: No.

Jason: What was trending this summer?

Matt: Oh that man’s onesie thing.

Jason: Yeah, I can’t remember the name of it. I don’t know, I’m sure G will put in the titles.


Jason: I am about to go into my wife’s job, the hair salon, for first looks, first impressions. See how she likes my outfit. I think Matt is here already.

Female: Hey

Beard: Wanna be in a vlog, Shay?

Female: Are you filming right now?

Jason: Yes

Female: You look dapper. Do you want me to take a picture?

Matt: Not even a little bit.

Jason: I do

Matt: You want a picture of the two of us?

Jason: Yes. You and your $3,000 suit and me getting into an $800 car.

Matt: Don’t make fun of hoop. Hoop gets us from A to B.

Jason: We are going to a gala for one of our favorite heroes, Eva’s Village. This is a benefit gala for them and they bring in a lot of money at this event.

Matt: Helps support all the programming that they have there.

Jason: They have a lot of programming, a lot of facilities…

Matt: Staff, too.

Jason: And the reason we got invited to this is, you may remember way back when we did a video for them kinda on the arm just to show them what we can do and wanted to help out for their fashion show. So tonight, probably some of our best work, if I do say so myself, is going to be shown at this gala to a couple of hundred people. And these are all benefactors so these are all well-to-do people or companies, but…

Matt: We are not. We just got invited because we did the video.

Jason: And this is highlighting two people that are going through their program, really emotional story. So we are hoping to pull some emotional heartstrings tonight. We’ll see how it goes. It’s gala time:

Matt: Aren’t we gonna to do that together?

Jason: Oh, yeah, sure. One, two, three.

Together: It’s gala time.

Jason: Look at this place.

Female: You can go in underneath there. There’s glass doors.

Matt: Here we go. Would you come on?

Jason: All right.

Female 1: Hi guys. How are you?

Jason: Good. How are you?

Heather: Hi, guys, how’s it going?

Jason: You look nice. What does one do at a gala? I don’t know.

Male 1: You mingle, you mingle, and you try to raise money. And you have a good time.

Jason: All right, I’m not too good at mingling.

Male 1: Why don’t you guys get in there.

Jason: All right, yeah.

Male 2: One, two, three.

Female 2: Can I have your last name?

Joey: These are very important people

Female 3: Can I ask for a phone number?

Matt: Petito importance.

Jason: I gotta have my cheese.

Video female voice: [inaudible] at the hospital [inaudible]. She is the essence of the program.


Matt: We love it, we love it. We gotta ask you.

Jason: Did you love the video?


Joey: Listen, I saw it this afternoon when we went through it, and I was like, wow, look at those aerial shots. They really need to clean the top of Eva’s, but that’s friggin amazing.

Jason: The gala is great. First of all, congrats on that.

Heather: Yeah, we’re well over our fundraising goal.

Matt: Was this like a record? Did you guys set a record tonight?

Heather: Yes. Yes, absolutely.

Matt: That’s awesome.

Joey: But we made…we went over the goal.

Heather: And people are still rounding up as they check out of the auction.

Matt: On Christmas Eve…

Female 3: The video was awesome.

Matt: Did you like it?

Female 3: Yeah, no…

Female 4: Oh my God it was great.

Female 3: It was great.

Jason: We wanted this thing. A great night by the way.

Ellen: Thank you.

Male 1: Congrats, congrats

Matt: How do you think it went?

Ellen: Oh I think it was fabulous.

Jason: You reached the goals tonight?

Ellen: We more than reached our goals. Yeah, no, I think it gave a real emotional charge.

Matt: It’s so exciting to be a part of it in a small, small way.

Jason: Yeah, for sure.

Matt: It’s all you guys, man.

Ellen: Well, it’s amazing what you guys did.

Matt: Thanks.

Ellen: That video grabs you from, like, the third second. I mean everybody’s like all in.

Matt: Yeah, [inaudible 00:06:20] waving at people.

Jason: Yeah, it’s better that we’re not having hooptie [SP] in front of people.


Recap: How did it go?

Matt: We did it.

Jason: We did it.

Matt: We did it.

Jason: We did the event. The event is over. Successful event.

Matt: Successful, yeah.

Jason: Very successful event.

Matt: We were a small part of a very powerful night. We found that at the end of the night, not only did they meet their goal, but they exceeded their goal by three times what they had set out. I think they said something like every $20,000…$40,000 that they raised, got 60 kids off the street and educated. That’s mindblowing in really what is a very urban section of New Jersey.

Jason: And again, the last video, we asked you to tell just one friend. You know, tell somebody to subscribe to us. Again, it’s not for us but it’s for people like this, and good causes out there.

Matt: Yeah, and we’ll link them above, we’ll link them below. You can help out even in small ways. If you know somebody who is addicted by drugs or alcohol abuse and it’s just changed their lives, this is a place that’s making a difference. We hope by video, by getting good story out there, that we might be able to take this program, which isn’t being done anywhere else in the country and be able to re-duplicate this in other urban areas. But we need help getting the story out there. You know, it’s way more than just money. These guys need attention. They need eyes. People need to see people doing the right thing and video helps us do that. And so like this video. Get one friend to like our page, to share this video out.

Jason: Bonus. We’re gonna drop a card here if you are on a mobile device and you can support Eva’s right through Youtube. Just click on the card. Five dollars, one dollar, five dollars, any dollars will help. See ya next time guys.

Matt: See ya.