Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #32 “How; to Lose a Client”

In this episode the Beard & Bowler Boys:

  • Recap their shoot for DSM Group and the NJBIA
  • Show the Post Production of the shoot.
  • Present the rough cut to the client.

If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.

Post Production Process of the NJBIA Ad

Jason: What is up, guys? Beard and Bowler.

Matt: What you’re about to watch was a very stressful day. How do we break this down for them?

Jason: So, what you saw on the last vlog was our production process, what’s like to be on set with us directing, producing, all the big stuff. What you’re about to see is our post-production process. Industry standard is four weeks.

Matt: Four.

Jason: Four rough-cut. We tell our clients two weeks. And we usually have something done before then. The problem was with this one, we had less than a week to turn it around.

Matt: And we’re known as the guys who can get that done, and done really well. Super stressful though, because we didn’t really have a whole lot of leeway, if they didn’t like our first cut.


Will the DSM Group Reject the Rough-cut of the Ad?

Jason: Yeah. They wanted to show the client Monday and this was Friday.

Matt: Friday. This was Friday, late.

Jason: Alright. This is… I almost got runover by a car. This is client test day. This is a very stressful day. We are on our way to the client. It is the 11th hour and my watch, my Fitbit, is dead. It is like 4:15 and we need to get from Dumont to Mahwah in 45 minutes.

Matt: Before 5:00. It’s like 4:30 right now. Before 5:00. Forty-five minutes. Been hustling you out for the last ten minutes. You’re in there rubbing your glasses [crosstalk 00:02:38]. I’m like, just pack it…  Don’t defend him. He needs to be scolded.

Jason: He is extra cranky today folks, if you haven’t seen it. And I’m the one under all the pressure because it’s my edit they’re going to be looking at right now. Here’s the thing. I’m going to need you to drive not-reckless.

Matt: Here’s the thing. Get in the car.

Jason: I’m going to get sick if you do.

Matt: Get in the car.

Jason: You piled down my bag. I need that bag.

Matt: Just get in the car. Get in the car, Jason.

Jason: I try to get him to dial it back. He just…he doesn’t know how to undial.

Matt: So we’re on our way to the first reveal. We were pretty tense leaving here, because we spent the entire day, from very early in the morning, editing just this piece. We didn’t finish the actual edit. You were working on it in the car. Tensions are high. There’s a lot at risk here, because if the client didn’t like it, dead in the water, and all that money’s kinda gone for us as well.

Jason: So again, this was, we’re on our way to DSM, our client.

Matt: Our client.

Jason: So we could show them, to get it ready for their client and JPIA.

Matt: For their client. Sounds very confusing, but it’s not. Very simple.


Jason: How we looking? How we looking?

Man 1: I like what I see.

Man 2: Looking good.

Mattr: Yep, Jason’s a genius. Jason’s a genius.

Jason: I was rolling and I just go audio of that. I have proof now. Did you hear that, everybody? I have proof….Awh, he called me a genius.

Matt: He gets his new ringtone every time that I call him. Alright, credit where credit is due. This guy pulls off a live edit with our DSM client. Nobody does that. On the fly when they would make a comment, Jason, with his magic fingers, would just kind of “bloop” and get it done. He was pretty cool to watch. I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my boy. And they liked it. That’s a win for us.

Jason: They were…

Matt: That’s a big win.

Jason: …gushing over it. And they were like, “I’ve never seen anything like this. When you can do this in a room?”

Matt: I think the win for us really was that it wasn’t a stressful environment. No one argued, no one fought. We ate beef jerky. We try to go in with as little ego as possible, which is difficult for artists when we care about what we’re doing. But headed in there working with these guys, it was just about, “Let’s get something really good, put all of our brains together.” And I think it was just a really…it was a good collaboration.

Jason: They’re easy to work with.

Matt: They’re easy to work with.

Jason: And you gotta have thick skin when you’re an editor.

Matt: Yeah.

Jason: Because when people are saying, “I don’t like that,” and you’re like, “I spent three hours-“

Matt: Artistic integrity. I’m an artist.

Jason: I have my reasons. Don’t get defensive. Still working on that one with IZB. Don’t get defensive.

Matt: Yeah. IZB, don’t get defensive. Just do…

Jason: Just cut.

Matt: Just cut. It’s not personal. We’re just pointing out that you don’t have the talent that you think you do.

Jason: He’s totally kidding.

Matt: I am.

Jason: He’s like, “Little bit.”

Matt: So the day went really really well. And then…

Jason: All right dude.

Matt: Whether you like it or not.

Man 1: Whether you like it or not.

Man 2: I’m only here, so…

Jason: Can you get out? Oh, it’s locked.

Man 3: Code six.  Motion alarm. That’s you guys.

Jason: I don’t think the dark will help motion.

Man 4: Police.

Man 3: What’s going on in there?

Jason: Derek, this is great content, by the way.

Man 4: I think Jason and Matt rigged this system so this would happen so they’d get better footage.  

Matt: Why is it every time I come here, y’all try to keep us here way longer than we planned?

Man 4: Because we like you.

Man 5: I’m going to set this, and ten we’re just gonna…you’re gonna open it. Open that. You guys, do you have a sleeping bag?

Man 4: Bye guys.

Man 5: We got tons of cereal. We’ll be fine.  There’s no key.

Man 4: There’s no key for this?

Man 5: I don’t have it.



Jason: That’s a wrap. The review, I think, went extremely well. And they were very happy with what we got.

Matt: The recurring theme was, “Nobody does this.” Like what we just did, nobody does that. This size project though, in four days.

Jason: Had to do it.

Matt: In four days.

Jason: #Worth it.


Jason: Here, hold that.

Matt: Okay.

Jason: The peaky button. It will tell you when the audio’s too loud. Did it do it?

Matt: I don’t know. I’m not… Can I see it? Don’t in my ear.

Jason: I’m just gonna leave it you with that.

Matt: I don’t know what to do with this. Jason, you know I’m afraid to touch things because I break them. Jason?