Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #37 “Redemption”

In this episode

  • Matt reaches his breaking point
  • The Boys get destroyed by YTG
  • They announce a response



If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.


Breaking it  Down and Breaking Down

YTG: You also need to have a serious side.

Matt: Alright, you want a serious side? I’m like this far from breaking down.


Jason: What is up, guys? Beard and Bowler.

Matt: So what happened, I think the last couple of months here on YouTube, when we started this thing, there was a very clear vision. This is what we want to spend our time on, the heart work. Telling those stories that people need to hear, that they want to share, and that are going to make a ding in the universe, that’s B and B. You saw us get distracted from that goal.

Jason: You’ve been seeing the fallout from that. So that’s why we’re up at New Life Island to get away, we went to Philly, we went apple picking. Us trying to recuperate, regroup, and gather our thoughts and get back to our roots.

Matt: To be honest with you, we kind of got lost because we’re also a company. So the reality of life right now for us is we have to financially survive.

Jason: And we had to ask some hard questions.

Matt: We brought John G. in. He originally loved… He was one of our original superfans, I think that’s fair to say. I met him this summer, we talked about the heart of B AND B, right at the center, at that pinnacle point when we were shooting e-vids, and all that stuff. That’s when I met John G. He was watching the vlog and with us on the journey. When he started this last week, he sat down and he’s just like, “Guys, what happened?”


[Cut to John Ji speaking passionately about the goals for Beard & Bowler Productions]

John: Our goal as Beard and Bowler is, get the heroes out there. To make, like, a solid statement about who we are and what these people are and needs, not wants, like, what needs to be done, that takes heart. That’s who we are.

Matt: It wasn’t only John G. that told us.

Jason: We had YTG come in and really just kinda guru us.

Matt: That guy, man, blows up our day.

Jason: Yeah.

[Cut to meeting with YTG]

Matt: He does this 30 minutes of this before I’m ready [crosstalk 00:02:09].

Jason: See. Am I setting up, or are you setting up? Then, why don’t you have everything?

YTG: Like, I think… I don’t even know if it’s something that… I think it’s more of, like, a piece that you lead upon. Like, it’s, like, “We are doing something different,” image. Get me hyped up. Make me want to be part of this journey. Because right now the journey is, “Okay, you’re doing this and you’re doing that.” Hype me up. Be the hype guys that I wanna see. You guys have a story, it’s clear at sometimes, its vague at other times. You have to realize is also showing how you are grounded. You are not people that are just trying to do this thing as, like, just a thing. It’s showing that you guys are making sacrifices, which you are in order to do something that you guys wanted to do that is positive.

Matt: We don’t wanna risk everything if it’s not for something that matters.

Jason: The rest of our journey is gonna be us getting to that point in 2018.

Matt: Massive 2018. And, you know what, I’m sick of saying, massive. I have to be honest with you, I’m sick of like the, “Oh, massive this, that.” We haven’t known what we’re doing, we now do. So when we say something is coming, we finally understand. I don’t think we ever understood what that something was. We had just a bunch of stuff happening to us. We were never doing anything. Now, we’re doing. Now it’s not just something that’s gonna happen to us. Now we’re proactively going to make this happen. In the meantime, we’ve got 19 more vlogs in this year. We’re gonna start showing you glimpses of the action. Glimpses of the proactive Beard and Bowler trying to tell the stories that matter.

Jason: I think that’s my cue.

Matt: I’m, like, this far away from breaking down.

YTG: Okay.

Matt: It’s just too much. Like, with everything that’s happening in the two companies, and no help, still no pay. Just with our crew. Like, my wife and I were talking about this last night. Not to the point where I’m thinking of leaving, nothing like that. Just, like, I can’t keep going. It’s like right there. And the frustrating part is the finish line is here, man. And it’s like… If I can…but I just, like, I have no more juice, like I can’t run anymore. So it’s…

YTG: There’s only so many hours in the day.

Matt: There are little things that are giving us push-back. We got to go and actually sit down with a hero today and show them something that they were emotional about.

Jason: A preview. A review for one of their galas and they were all in tears, you know.

Matt: And it’s just, like, I can see this it. I can see this is it. This is the thing that we can do that makes everything, all the rest of it, worth it. But I, like, the struggle in the next couple of months is I don’t know if I have enough to get there. And we’re trying to figure that out.