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Vlog #27 “The Coolest Marine Ever”

In this episode:

  • We see part II of Backpacks for Life.
  • We get to see their process for packing backpacks for homeless veterans.


If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.


Backpacks for Life – A Great Charity Help our Veterans

Jason: Previously, you saw Backpacks for Life part one. Awesome organization, we apologize for the bad audio. If you didn’t get it, they are an organization that helps homeless veterans by packing up backpacks full of supplies for these veterans who are homeless and may not have a toothbrush, or deodorant, or snacks, just simple household necessities. And they’ve given out a couple thousand backpacks so far. We are on our way there for part two. Matt can’t be at this one because it’s a late shoot and, “Oh, but I got four kids.” Something about four kids, I don’t know.

Woman: So I’m filling in.

Jason: So she’s filling in. IZB is helping out. It’s gonna be a grand old time down in Belleville.

Woman: Work wife can’t be here so real wife is here.

Jason: Hopefully, it won’t be too much of a distraction. Normally, I do not bring her on shoots because, I don’t know if we’ve showed you any shoots, but I get kind of intense. IZB, insert behind-the-scenes of me being intense.

Woman: There’s usually a point in time where I end up just in the car.

Jason: Yeah. She takes it personally and, you know, you just gotta do things and yell and scream, “Get stuff done. Get it done.” Today, we’re only getting about an hour of B-roll to add to the last shoot that we already did, his interview, and then we’re gonna cover up with some nice slow-motion of them packing up backpacks in their storage unit. IZB. Are you trapped, IZB? Yo.

Brett: What’s up? What’s up?

Jason: Brett. What’s going on?

Brett: Backpacks over here, getting ready to pack. And then, once we pack them, we do, like, an assembly line. This is kind of all the stuff. What we do is grab a little bit of it, put it in the backpack, and then we just put them all in here to keep them clean and easy to store them and stuff.

Jason: Gotcha.

Brett: Here. So, the assembly line. We were tired of getting used stuff so everything you get is brand new and stuff, that we put inside the backpacks. Somebody on the street needs something that is new and durable. We always tell people, “If you don’t want it, then the vet doesn’t want it.”

Jason: How many units do you have?

Brett: We have two, this one and, well, then we have one in Wayne as well. And…

Jason: And they just let you set up in here and, like, pack up?

Brett: Yeah. This is our first-year backpack and you see it ripped. It was basically an upgrade from toilet paper, it’s…I don’t even know what material this is. Literally, this is like a couple layers of toilet paper compacted to make a backpack. And then we went from this, and then we went from this year or not this year, this is one of the years. And then we went to this. As you can see…

Jason: Yeah, it’s got compartments. It’s like something re-usable, you know.

Brett: Wait until you see next year, we’re literally making our own backpacks. Yeah, we keep those as, like, a little, “Ah, you keep growing.” So, these are little kids’ backpacks, filled with, like, school supplies and stuff. And we do female veteran backpacks with all feminine products and, like, beauty products. Some great stuff, actually, I’ll show you. Like, top-of-the-line from, like, L’Oreal kinda stuff we put in there. You know, everybody deserves to get this stuff if they’re not capable of getting it themself.

IZB: Hi timelapse, how are you doing, buddy? You doing good? I walked in front of you, like, too many times. This is gonna be a while so I think I’m gonna show up and it’s gonna be really odd. I love it. Now, are you gonna apologize to Mr. timelapse over there?

Jason: I totally forgot about that.

IZB: But did you apologize to it? Huh, Jason? Huh? This is not even you, it’s the “Huh?”

Jason: You’re gonna have, like 68 minutes of footage to edit.

IZB: I am. I always do, man. I love it. This is the IZB show, I have a camera. I’m dancing. This is when I’m goofing off. Jason’s standing in front of the GoPro.

Alexa: How are you?

Jason: Good. How are you?

Alexa: Good to see you.

Jason: You too.

IZB: Wow. That’s a lot of backpacks. A lot of backpacks and that’s only the ones there.

Woman: No but I went up that way. And then he came up…

Jason: Cool. Very scary hallways. So, your guys, your vlog’s dropping today from what we did way back when we had our little GoPro. We started a YouTube channel.

Alexa: Oh. Cool.

Jason: It’s not anything big, it just like…

Alexa: So, basically we’re gonna be famous.

Jason: You’re gonna be famous, like 77 views. I mean, like, you’re gonna hit the big time. But for this one, this is our second one with Backpacks for Life. And they had kind of a big announcement. Do you wanna tell them?

[Stay tuned to the next vlog for the BIG announcement]