Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #29 – “Short Legs and Sizzle Reels”

In this episode:

  • The big announcement…
  • Here’s a hint: It has to do with showing video in Times Square!


If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.


Backpacks for Life: The Big Reveal

Matt: Am I just supposed to go?

Man: Yep.

Brett: What’s up?

Man 2: Brett, what’s going on?

Brett: How you doing?

Matt: What’s up guys? Beard and Bowler. May have noticed I haven’t been in the vlog. I have been busy with my kids. I know, I know. Being a present father, what am I thinking? Thankfully, Jason, and IZB, and Ash were able to go out to film for Backpacks for Life. I wanted to explain to you really quickly why we were there. We went to film what we call a “sizzle reel” for our heroes. And a “sizzle reel” is basically this, we put together about a two, two and a half minute clip of really dynamic, really beautiful shots that help to tell our heroes and their non-for-profit story.

Jason: You want me to go like this, and you can like get me going like this?

Man: With a backpack on.

Jason: Like every event, we have a truckload of 300 backpacks. It’s so heavy. So yeah, this is five and we got to do it like 300 times. Here, feel what it’s a little like probably like 300 times.

Matt: We take that sizzle and put it in front of businesses or companies that want to come alongside of our heroes as sponsors. These sizzle shoots are really, really important because we have to capture the heart of these incredible people and what they’re doing. And so, I always leave that up to Jay. Because he has the eyes and the perspective for it, even though he sass’s me and Ash with the work wife. I mean, I’m not threatening her, that’s, I wouldn’t…

Jason: This is it. IZB, why don’t you try to be being some shots? For now, you gotta practice with the pregnant walk.

IZB: I’m good, right?

Jason: Yeah.

IZB: Like this?

Jason: IZB’s first professional camera walk. Let’s see how he does. All right, don’t try anything fancy. Just, straight in. You can do it. You can do it. It’s on fast-forward, so. Then, come up. Yeah. All right.

Matt: Watch out for the shenanigans. Sorry, I couldn’t be on the shoot. Hopefully, I’ll be around for a little more. But, things are kind of starting to change, we’ll explain that in a bit. Good luck.

Jason: So, your guys, your vlog’s dropping today. The one we did way back when we had our little GoPro. So, we started a YouTube channel.

Women: Oh, cool.

Jason: It’s not anything big, it’s just like.

Alexa: So basically, we’re gonna be famous sponsors is that what you’re saying?

Jason: You’re gonna be famous, like 77 views. I mean, like you’re gonna hit the big time.

Brett: Besides all the many other big announcements is, and we’re getting basically billboards in Time Square for like up to a year.

Jason: So this is digital billboards. These are big, vertical billboards in Time Square.

Alexa: I forget the number but, the amount of people that pass through Time Square in a day is like, millions.

Brett: You know, it’s like, you know.

Women: So, imagine just 20 minutes. It’s like millions and millions, a couple hundred thousand.

Brett: When you’re in Time Square, definitely check us out, we’re gonna be there. We’re gonna do billboards about Backpacks for Life, you know, what we’re doing. But, we’re also gonna help spread awareness.

Jason: This is like $100,000 dollars a week probably, right?

Brett: Yeah. Like it literally is, to get those billboards it’s a $100,000 a week. And we get 20 minutes a day. What is though, like those little mice.

Jason: Pinky and the Brain.

Brett: First, we do the billboards, then the world.

Alexa: Yeah.

Jason: First it’s the world then, we take over every billboard in the whole world.

Alexa: This could be…it just could open up so many doors for veterans and for us supporting them. It’s just gonna help continue this cycle of, we’ve just had a bunch of great opportunities fall into our lap out of nowhere.

Jason: Hard work.

Woman: That’s it.

Brett: Hard work. No lie. Yeah, we’re gonna do all videos and fixtures with you guys.

Jason: With us. So, Backpacks for Life and BNB. BFL and BNB are gonna be in Times Square on massive billboards. Alright guys, check out Backpacks for Life. I’m gonna put them in the link below and probably up here somewhere if they have a YouTube channel. I don’t know, it’s somewhere in this corner in the YouTube Channel. If not, we’ll fix that for them. See you next time.

Sometimes florescent lights give you a bit of a flicker when it’s in slow mo. So that’s what we’re going to find out now, if these lights flicker when they’re put at 30% speed.

Man: What happens if they do?

Jason: What happens if they flicker…