Just 2 guys doing video production in NJ…& their journey to “making it!”

Vlog #40 – “STOP motion & Times Square NYC”

In this episode the boys:

  • Explain stop motion
  • Give you an inside look into the making of their stop motion ad for Backpacks for Life
  • Give you a sneak peek preview into the full advertisement.

If you are unable to watch the above video, we have included highlights and the transcript below.


What is looks like to Make a Stop Motion Video

Jason: What is up, guys? Beard & Bowler.

Matt: He’s not impressed.

Jason: Today is work day. We are at an undisclosed location in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

Matt: …the location.

Jason: But they don’t know where in Franklin Lakes. We have many things to work on today. John G is working on the vlog that you have already seen because this is the next vlog. These two will be working on our Backpacks For Life shoot, the one that’s going to be up in Times Square. That’s really gonna help out one of our heroes. And Matt and I will be doing some planning today.

Matt: [inaudible]

Jason: So let’s get started. All right. Here’s our room for today. So we need to make a stop motion 30-second piece for Backpacks For Life.


Matt: What we’re doing is, and I don’t wanna step on the paper too much here, we’re…for the focal point on the backpack, what we’re trying to do is tell the story of the backpack getting filled up. So the backpack is going to float into the frame, coming down, stop motion, right? Backpack-centered focus for a minute, and it’s gonna go down to the base, down to the bottom. The logo is the important part. We want them to know it’s for Backpacks.

Man 3: White space.

Matt: Then it’s white space, then this is the product. Product by product, we don’t have a lot of time for each one, so once the socks are starting to go in the bag, the next piece should be coming in.

Jason: Looking good. Looking pro. And you made use of the mat. You’re very resourceful.

Man: Oh, [inaudible]

Man: Watch your eyes.

Jason: Thanks for telling me after the fact. So this guy’s on props and we’re doing a couple of tests.


Jason: The point has been accomplished. Backpacks, we are really gonna get their name out there. This is gonna be an awesome ad for Times Square to bring awareness to Backpacks For Life who are helping out veterans. One of our heroes, we love you Backpacks.

Matt: Yeah, it’s been a busy heroes day.

Jason: Busy heroes day, planning, all kinds of stuff. Should we show them the video?

Matt: Yeah, let’s show them the video.

Jason: Let’s show them the video. You’re gonna see sneak peak of what’s going up at Times Square…

Matt: Sneak peak.

Jason: …before it goes out.

Matt: Before it goes out there, yeah.


Matt: What are you doing?

John G: Oh my god.

Matt: What did you just do? In a few weeks, we’re gonna actually be in Times Square.

Jason: Our work, Beard & Bowler’s work will be in Times Square, yeah.

Matt: Backpacks For Life will be in Times Square. The reason we’re excited is because, for Backpacks For Life, this is a huge boon. This is like incredible marketing for an awesome organization that’s really helping out distressed and homeless veterans. This will do more than they have ever been able to do. It’s gonna raise awareness about homeless veterans and some of the statistics involved in that there. It’s gonna tell people like, “Hey, you gotta check out Backpacks, you gotta get involved with Backpacks For Life.”

Jason: Just to reiterate, Backpacks For Life is an organization that packs…It’s so much more than this but in essence, it’s an organization that packs backpacks full of supplies, like toothbrushes, deodorant, water, and it hands them out to homeless veterans or veterans in need.

Matt: And it’s next level because 100% of what comes into Backpacks For Life goes back to homeless veterans. And these guys are heroes, genuinely true heroes.

Jason: And that’s what we’re all about, finding the hero, the small hero, not necessarily the bloated corporate non-profit organization but like the unique heroes that are really making the most of their money.

Matt: Now, last few vlogs, you have seen kinda of a small glimpse of the direction that we’ve been talking about for 2018, just kinda laser focused, taking the YouTube channel towards just these hero stories, these stories that need to be told, that people need to hear, positive stuff.

Jason: We’re trying to change these heroes’ lives by telling their stories. And right now, we only have a very small, just a sliver of an audience.

Matt: Sliver. Yeah, ridiculous.

Jason: Have a small goal…and I say small. It is enormous for us, but our small goal is 1,000 subscribers. The reason 1,000 subscribers is because then we are eligible to get on the YouTubers…what is it, YouTubers On the Rise? Creators On the Rise? Right, John G? Creators On the Rise for YouTube.

Matt: We need you to find one friend and just say, “Hey, gotta go subscribe to these guys here on YouTube. You need to help them get stories like Backpacks For Life out there.” That’s what we’re looking for the subscriptions for, not just because we wanna blow up. We’re looking to get these stories out there. The more people we get to subscribe, the more these stories will get in front of the world.

Jason: One friend, all we need is one friend of yours to subscribe.

Matt: To reach the world, the whole world.

Jason: Uno…

Matt: Uno…

Jason: …amigo.

Matt: …amiga.

Jason: Por favor… [unclear].

John G: Subscription.

Matt: Hey, G, help us reach the audience, how do we say it in, I don’t know, whatever you speak.

John G: Korean?

Matt: Yeah. How do you say it in Korean, G?  

John G: [foreign language]

Jason: Yes. We’ve expanded our audience.