about us


jason ellinger…

…has nearly a decade of experience producing & directing in the pro video production arena as well as almost a half-decade of eng (electronic news gathering) field experience, shooting & editin g with the press.  the culmination of directing for corporate america mixed with the skill of pulling emotion from strangers on a daily basis for the news media will be the assets most used in creating our emotionally-moving mini-docs.  jason’s years in the news have also taught him how to create a killer press release with events that will actually draw out the local media.


matt carpenter. . .

is primarily a writer-speaker, which makes him a significant asset to our storyboarding & pitching process. as a story-teller matt has a unique ability to transform a story and make it something “perfect” or beyond ordinary and today, a good story is worth it’s weight in gold. likewise his ability to read, deconstruct, direct and work with people makes him invaluable to the pitch and production process.


jodi is our passionate account manager.  with her many years experience in the field jodi adds her invaluable voice to b&b’s marketing strategy & business development. her insatiable drive for quality & success coupled with her infectious personality makes her the queen of relationship development & client care.

samuel is a freelance illustrator, animator, fine artist and teacher.  he is highly passionate about the art he creates and always seeks to stimulate the imagination with his visually compelling stories.

michael is a wizard.  with over 25 years’ work experience in graphic design, illustration, character design & animation, michael will take anything you can imagine and bring it to life.